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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

fall pics

The weather has been so pretty,sunny and crisp cool air! i love it! we have been spending a lot of time outside at the park,gotta take advantage of it since it is going to be raining here soon..and of course i had to bring along my camera and do mini photo shoots..lol! The trees and orange leaves on the ground are just perfect back drops for perfect pictures of my munchkins:) Here are a few pics from our afternoon..

hope your all enjoying this time of year too! cant wait til turkey day yummy! Then the diet starts:(

Friday, November 6, 2009

dallas is 7 months!

I know i always say this but seriously our baby is 7 months old..why is time going so fast! it feels like we just had him,he is the sweetest,happiest baby..he always has a smile on his face,even if we have to wake him from a nap he smiles at us,he always just goes with the Flow,and boy is he cute,he just got his first tooth (finally) bottom left and the other one looks like it is coming any day now! the things he is doing at 7 months is crazy,he rolls and rolls and rolls..lol he makes kissy face and spit sounds,he growls..lol i don't know how he knows already but he totally makes boy noises..so funny he claps his hands,and is just starting to get on hands and knees and rock back and fourth..( i think we are going to be in for it soon!) i took him in for pics the morning..it was so hard to choose,they all turned out adorable! but what can i say i am a proud mama :) here are some pics of baby d!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

trick or treat

wow i cant believe Halloween came and went gees...what a action packed day! started the afternoon with miss Bella's soccer game! she did great! she has a such a strong kick! she is loving soccer this year! my parents came to town for Halloween so they got to catch a game! Bella was thrilled

After that my sis had her annual Halloween bash! so fun..lots of fun,yummy food,and great company:) my bff Erin and her mom Brenda got to join in the fun this year! they where in town for her cousins wedding it worked out perfect! it was so nice to see them! (and her cute little belly) cant wait to find out what she is having! we ate,took tons of pics,mingled and then took the kids out for trick r treat fun! they had a blast! here are some fun pics of the night

such a fun day! a good time was had by all! the kids are already planning next years costumes..lol!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

costume fun!

Took the kidlets to have their pictures taking in their cute costumes! boy was it a challenge to get everyone to look at the camera and smile at the same time..i think they turned out pretty darn cute though..cant wait for Halloween, Bella and brookie picked a cute little bee costume,those two love being twins,mayce is a pup and that is just perfect for her,since she totally thinks she is a real dog,she makes Shea and i walk her on a leash around the house..lol she sits under the kitchen table and asks us to throw food under there for here..lol (we never do)..renner is a handsome pirate and baby d is a cute little monkey,his costume is so soft and cozy :) i love seeing all the fun costumes and all the kids having a good time..here are the pics!

new post below

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

outside fun

The other day we all enjoyed a fun day outside,playing on the swings,slides,monkey bars,and of course i had to snap away..ha ha! we are really enjoying this fall weather,loving the cool brisk air and the falling leaves :) here are some pics of our afternoon...

Its much easier to play outside in this weather,sure beats the 110 summer days that's for sure!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

visit to gramma and papas house

Shea had to work this past weekend in the bay area, so we decided to load up the fam and go on a mini vacation to gramma and papas house:) we don't get to go there often now with bella in school all day and soccer on the weekends,we decided to take a break from it all and have fun! we always get spoiled when we stay with my parents :) makes me feel like a kid again!

The first night we where there we went out to dinner then to the ghost house/carnival the kids had a blast!its the same one i always went to as a kid... can you believe little mayce went in the ghost house..lol bella wanted nothing to do with it! mayce kept saying its all just pretend mommy..ha! here are some pics from that night!

then Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch! so fun..the kids have all been to our local pumpkin patch,but Shea and i didn't get to go with Bella on her field trip so wanted to take her again! gramma and papa had fun running around with the kids! here are some pics..

we had a wonderful weekend with gramma and papa! we will see then soon for some trick r treat fun!

Monday, October 19, 2009

school carnival

This past Friday was the girls school carnival:) the girls had a blast,there where tons of fun games and yummy goodies! They had face painting,silly string,bean bag toss,train rides,jumpys,slides and many more activities! The school really put on a fun carnival! The parents of the students are all so involved and really make it a night to remember here are some pics of our fun night!

we love october there is so many fun things going on! happy fall!